CALL TO ACTION – April 22, 2019

CALL TO ACTION – April 22, 2019

Call to Action – April 22, 2019

Tomorrow – April 23, 2019, 11:30 a.m., Skagit County Commissioners Meeting

Attend and speak at the Skagit County Commissioners Meeting at 1800 Continental Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. Each speaker gets two to three minutes. Handouts or written comments can be submitted. For tips to prepare:…/Docum…/skagit21appearance.pdf

Public comment every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m.

If you can’t make it this week, public comment is every Tuesday at 11:30 am. What do you think the commissioners care about? Jobs? Economy? Environment? Road Safety? Noise disturbance? Property Rights? Bring your perspective directly to the Commissioners.

Comment Countdown – 21 Days Remain – 100 year decision!

Don’t fret, your comments can be brief and still make an impact. Pick key topics that matter to you and go for it! If you commented in the first round (ending March 29) you may need to comment again to gain standing. To do so, click “Comment Here” on the Skagit County’s comment page for the quarry (see link below) to be a “party of record.” If you choose not to be a party of record, you will not be able to speak at the future public hearing.…/Planni…/MarblemountQuarry.htm

Future generations will live in the reality of decisions made today for this 100-yr permit proposal. THANK YOU – our group has done amazing outreach! Please get your comments in and inform others of Kiewit’s proposal before the deadline of May 13th 4:30 pm.

SEPA – State Environmental Policy Act

Urging the County to make a “threshold determination of significance” and require an environmental impact statement (EIS) under the SEPA should be key in our comments and we can also urge the County to reject the permit outright because, given magnitude, longevity, and complexity, no amount of permit stipulations or mitigation could make this right.

We are fortunate to live in a state that recognizes the rights of nature. “The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) may be the most powerful legal tool for protecting the environment of the state. Among other things, the law requires all state and local governments within the state to:
* ‘Utilize a systematic, interdisciplinary approach which will insure the integrated use of the natural and social sciences and the environmental design arts in planning and indecision making which may have an impact on man’s environment;’ and

* Ensure that ‘…environmental amenities and values will be given appropriate consideration in decision making along with economic and technical considerations….’”

In the case of the Marblemount Quarry Proposal, Skagit County has authority for issuing various permits (same as a license) for the landowners of the associated private properties in order for the project to proceed. This decision is the “agency action” and the reason Skagit County is the “SEPA lead agency”, which means they are responsible for following the process and rules (which are mandated by state law). They are also responsible for preparing SEPA documentation (including content) and issuing decisions.

Educate yourself about SEPA and you will be better equipped to make comments that influence the process. For more guidance and information:…/SEPA/Environmental-r…/SEPA-guidance


Kids against the quarry radio broadcast will debut on KSVU 90.1 April 27th at 8:30 am and 9:30 pm. Listen in for the young voices deeply committed to the place they live.

Skagit River Alliance (SRA) is incorporated and in the process of further development. Our first focus is to stop the Marblemount quarry with a lasting vision of advocacy for the Skagit Watershed and communities. Board member assignments from last week’s Steering Committee meeting were temporary. An election for more lasting board member positions will be discussed in the next Steering Committee meeting. To contact Steering Committee please write a new email with your topic listed in the subject heading to:

We need volunteers for PR and fundraising committees. To fill out the survey about your desired level of involvement, add to the comment repository, or get involved in a support group, contact the email address above and ask for a link.

Help us track groups and agencies contacted who want to network. We encourage reaching out to neighbors, hiking, biking, climbing and camping clubs, raft companies, and other businesses that would be affected by the massive scale of disturbance, traffic, and potential environmental impacts for the next 100 years. Encourage them to comment.

We will publish “Calls to Action” on this web page dedicated to STOP THE MARBLEMOUNT QUARRY! Please visit us here at

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  • Brad Metler
    May 1, 2019, 9:45 am

    As a former Marblemount resident, I speculate no positive result for the Upper Skagit due to the proposed 100-yr quarry operation. I fear the National Park units would see exponential decreased visitation over the decades of quarry operations simply due to poor word of mouth/social media reviews. Damage to personal vehicles, alone, from the tens of thousands of truck loads leaving the quarry would undoubtedly turn off return visitors to the area. In all probability, prospective visitors would be urged not to go. As an NPS employee, I cannot say that I would feel good about not disclosing pertinent travel information tp visitors, such as regular roadway hazards like quarry transport trucks hauling dangerous loads. As a parent, I don’t think I would risk the drive with my child in the car. I can only imagine how residents with children feel!


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