• The Way It Really Is

    The Way It Really Is2

    Rebecca Winters and her family live near the proposed quarry mine. She knows that Kiewit Infrastructure Company’s application for a special use permit contains a misinformed depiction of the area and the proposed quarry mine’s impact on it. Here is Rebecca’s wonderful description of how it really is, together with her serious concerns about having

  • “This is a terrible idea for many reasons”

    “This is a terrible idea for many reasons”0

    We estimate that over 98% of known public comments submitted to Skagit County regarding the proposed quarry mine near Marblemount oppose it. Here is the view of Tim Colton of Concrete who knows the area well. Thanks Tim for allowing us to share what you had to say to Skagit County! “This comment is in

  • Proposed Quarry Mine is Not a Job Creator!

    Proposed Quarry Mine is Not a Job Creator!0

    People on the quarry site are unlikely to patronize local businesses anywhere near the level of tourists. Job loss is more likely. This quarry would create a double whammy. Tourism may well decline, and local taxpayers will have to clean up the mess. By Rob Klengler, Marblemount The proposed quarry mine is not a job


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